Working class face challenges

Thousands of trade unionists and protesters from rival political camps marched through the cities around the world in a series of May Day rallies on Wednesday (1) to fight for a range of improvements Read More »

Refugees on transit displaced

As Sri Lankans, we are all too familiar with seeking refuge, seeking asylum, and being internally displaced. Yet, it was a little-known fact that Sri Lanka had opened its doors to asylum seekers and r Read More »

Economic future not as dire

In spite of the many predictions made of a doom and gloom scenario for the country’s economy, particularly the tourism industry, due to the Easter Sunday terror attacks that sent shockwaves across the Read More »

Crackdown on extremist terrorism

Two weeks after the Easter Sunday terror attacks, law enforcement authorities continue extensive search operations across the country in search of terrorists, hideouts, explosives, weapons, and other Read More »