Tourist businesses take a hit

In addition to the hundreds of lives lost and hundreds more injured, the impact of the Easter Sunday terror attack had far-reaching consequences – particularly for the tourism industry where millions Read More »

Learning from the past

Undoubtedly, the Easter Sunday terror attacks were the worst incidents to impact Sri Lanka’s tourism industry recently. It has resulted in the industry almost coming to a complete standstill, but it a Read More »

Sri Lankans protest in Italy

Sri Lankans who currently reside in Italy, as well as Italian civilians,  staged a demonstration, in protest to the inaction and irresponsible nature of the Sri Lankan Government as well as those rad Read More »

Slow return to normalcy

Three weeks have lapsed since the Easter Sunday explosions struck three churches and three luxury hotels, leaving more than 250 people dead and 450 injured, but many questions about the attacks still Read More »