2020 general election: EC yet to finalise sanitiser budget

By Sarah Hannan

The budget to purchase sanitiser for the upcoming election is yet to be finalised, Elections Secretariat Director General Saman Sri Rathnayake, told The Morning.

“We are holding mock polls in selected electorates at present and based on the requirements for each electorate, we are yet to arrive at an amount that we will need to spend to make such purchases.

“In addition to that, we have to also take into consideration the amenities that will be required for counting centres, for which we will need time to calculate the costs,” Rathnayake explained.

Safety measures are required to be implemented at every polling centre and counting centre, the Election Commission (EC) head office, as well as all district offices to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The EC, with the assistance of the election monitors, is carrying out awareness sessions in each electorate to ensure that all voters are aware of the procedures.