A Defender and 2 individuals arrested over the assault of motorist

Two individuals of an alleged VIP escort, as well as a Defender vehicle involved in a recent case of assault of a van driver in Kalagedihena, have been taken into custody.

The Police were requested to investigate a case of assault where a security officer of a suspected VIP and a driver of a Defender had attacked a van driver on the street in Kalagedihena.

The driver of the Defender and another individual were arrested after the duo surrendered to the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD), the police media spokesperson, SP Ruwan Gunasekara stated.

The incident had been captured on video and was circulated on social media.

One of the passengers inside the van who had recorded the assault was also able to capture the license plates (CAG-0550/CAD-8850) of the two vehicles involved.

Parliamentarian Ashu Marasinghe said that he had made a written complaint to the IGP seeking an investigation into the incident yesterday (19).

The Parliamentarian said that he had urged the Police to bring to justice the culprits responsible for the assault on the van driver.