A street food paradise

  • LECS to host first edition of The Street Food Festival 

By Naveed Rozais

Lanka Exhibition and Conference Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (LECS) will be hosting their first-ever edition of The  Street Food Festival on 17 and 18 October 2020 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Western Car Park area of the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), Colombo Sri Lanka. The event is organised by LECS.

LECS is a company with over 15 years of experience in producing trade-oriented exhibitions. Other national-level exhibitions organised by the LECS include the Construction Expo. LECS also organises exhibitions and trade shows internationally for a variety of industries, including the education industry, the hotel suppliers industry, and the construction industry. 

The Street Food Festival aims to celebrate Sri Lanka’s diverse food culture and heritage as well as street food classics from around the world. The Street Food Festival will offer multiple, varying cuisines at affordable prices in what is set to become the biggest street food festival to hit  Colombo.

The purpose of the festival is to create a platform for both established and emerging street food vendors, into the mainstream food scene so that they get their deserved space in the cities and be respected by people.

The Street Food Festival’s vendors will offer street food favourites from all around the world, including Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian, among others. The Street Food Festival looks to provide tantalising cuisines to food lovers of any persuasion, with everything from seafood to BBQ available, as well as vegan and vegetarian options for the conscious food lover. 

The Street Food Festival hopes to help Sri Lankans experiment and build their confidence with regard to food, especially street food. “The increased focus paid by The Street Food Festival on improving the nutritional value of our traditional street cuisine and promoting dietary diversification will further enrich the eating experiences for domestic and international tourists alike, and pave the way towards better economic growth and the promotion of food culture in our country. In addition, it promises to be a fun and exciting event that includes a range of entertainment that will be featured to cater to the varied audiences,” said LECS Project Manager Chamara Sooriyaarachchi. 

Sooriyaarachchi went on to stress that The Street Food Festival is organised while paying strict attention to the Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines and Circulars issued by the Ministry of Health.

“The Street Food Festival is taking place in the main car park at the BMICH; the Western Car Park. Hygiene is being strictly monitored, with all vendors being advised on hygiene protocols. The LECS team and BMICH are working together to guide the crowds appropriately, with LECS staff on hand to monitor social distancing,” Sooriyaarachchi shared, adding: “All guests’ temperatures will be monitored on arrival and masks are compulsory. All our vendors will offer a takeaway option and hand sanitisers will be available in common locations to ensure hygiene.” 

The Street Food Festival is open to all food lovers and hopes to inspire Sri Lankans to trust the safety and hygiene of street food. Going forward, LECS hopes that the framework created by The Street Food Festival will help vendors to recognise their skills and would play an inspirational role in creating a culture of safe food across streets in Sri Lanka. With an expected footfall of over 10, 000 people, this two-day weekend event aspires to create a one-stop destination for food lovers that brings together promoters of local and traditional foods.