AATSL wins Toastmaster of the Year and other titles

For the first time in the history of the Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka (AATSL) Toastmasters Club, two of the AAT toastmasters, from among 3,600-plus toastmasters in Sri Lanka, have been bestowed with two out of the three most valuable titles – Area Director of the Year, Toastmaster of the Year, and Division Director of the Year.

Toastmaster (TM) Jeewana Pradeep Malgaha Gamage, a senior member of AAT, was conferred with the Area Director of the Year award and TM Thinusha Bamunuarachchi was awarded the title of the Toastmaster of the Year.
In addition, the following TMs too have received the awards specified against their names at the Hall of Fame Awards Night held on 5 September 2020: TM Ponniah Pushbabukumar – Excellence of Club Building; TM Janarthanan Vijendran – Distinguished Toastmaster award; and TM Jeewana Pradeep Malgaha Gamage – District Director Special Recognition award, Excellence of Club Building, President Distinguished Area Director award, Visiting Victor award, and Online Ovation Gold award.

Further, the AATSL Toastmasters Club received the Golden Gavel and Triple Star award while the AATSL Emerging Toastmasters Club won the “Rising Star” award. The AATSL Toastmasters Club was formed in 2009 under the guidance of the Governing Council of AATSL. They are proudly celebrating their 11th anniversary this year. The most prestigious and highest award that can be achieved by a club in District 82 (Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu), the Golden Gavel, has been received for the 8th consecutive year.