AIA to focus on raising health awareness in Sri Lanka

AIA insurance Lanka PLC recently presented its exclusive product line with a vision to help Sri Lankans make a real change by rewarding healthy living and creating awareness about healthy lifestyles.

AIA insurance CEO Pankaj Banrjee said it wants to change the traditional ‘you die – we pay’ insurance model to a positive concept of ‘live life to the fullest’.

“With a rapidly aging population, improving lifespan and more nuclear families the need for personal pensions has never been greater. As a responsible insurer, it is our role to educate people, help them plan and save, so that our customers can indeed live life to the fullest in retirement,” he said.

According to the AIA Healthy Living Index (HLI) survey found out 41% of Sri Lankans suffer from a lack of financial strength to fight serious illnesses.  The 2018 survey found that Sri Lanka is facing a critical illness ‘finance gap’ where savings, current levels of insurance and government health provisions may not be enough to pay for the treatment for critical illnesses (such as cancer, heart disease).

AIA insurance Deputy CEO Upul Wijesinghe said that Sri Lanka is currently facing health issues due to a lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, cigarettes and food habits.

“The cost of medical treatment is increasing, so how can retirees ensure that they can sustain the lifestyle? This is where our products can help”.

AIA equipped with variety of flagship health products such as AIA health protector, that covers 37 critical illnesses, more than 250 surgeries worldwide except USA and Canada up to Rs. 20 million. Also the most significant Second Opinion facility to receive advice from cancer specialists anywhere around the world. AIA Smart Pensions is another beneficial feature that maximise savings when ready to retire. Nikhil Advani, Chief Marketing Officer, explained about AIA Vitality program where more than 30000 active members use the mobile application as a lifestyle planner. This application gives daily targets to users, for instance, run certain distance to burn calories and after successfully achieving targets users are given movie tickets, free grocery packages as rewards.

AIA insurance Lanka offers a range of retirement, health and savings solutions for individuals, large corporates and small & medium enterprises, and employs over 3,500 Wealth Planners and operates over 120 branch offices.