All-rounder speaks of her balancing act

Himansa Hansamali is a 14-year-old student from Godagama Subharathi Central College who is highly passionate in aesthetic activities. She has achieved national-level certificates in dancing in both group and solo events. She is also a very bright student in her Dhamma school and has won a number of awards for poetry reciting and speech. She is also the secretary of the children’s society maintained by the Attorney General’s office in Homagama.


You engage in a lot of extracurricular activities. What is your favourite among them?

Dancing is what I love the most. I have been dancing since I was very young. I have a dream to win a dancing competition one day; one where people from all over the country contest.

What are the other activities you do?

I sing. I draw. I play musical instruments, especially the geta beraya and yak beraya (traditional low-country drums). I also play the fl ute in our school band. I am also an athlete. And in school I play netball, elle , and volleyball. I have even represented the school team at the divisional level. One of my other major interests is stage drama. I have an opportunity to participate in a school stage play called Vijaya Kuweni, and we will be contesting at an inter-school drama competition.

How do you manage your time?

If you have the will, you can always fi nd time to get things done. I may miss sports or dancing, but I make sure that I never miss my school work. If I do miss school due to a competition or an out-of-school event, I make sure I copy the notes from my friends and keep up with the rest of the class. I love what we learn in school too, especially mathematics.

How was your experience in learning to play the traditional drums? Was it hard? Well, not really. There are some rhythms you have to learn. If you practise that right, it is not very difficult. But you have to make sure that you practise those constantly. If you do, the talent will come naturally to you.

What is your ambition?

My ambition is to become a pilot one day. But I know that if I am to become a pilot, I have to work really hard. So I am determined to pass my Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels well.

Would you like to mention those who support you?

My parents, my teachers, and the principal of my school. They are the ones who encourage me. Without them, these achievements would not have been possible