• Complex land laws births squatters - November 1, 2020

    Reclaiming lost state land, a challenge By Sarah Hannan Amidst the many land grab, encroachment, and deforestation incidents that were taking place, it was recently uncovered that state land had been occupied by its workforce who had allegedly been squatting in such lands tax-free. Out of the many institutions that[…]

  • Covid-19 monitoring | Focus on disease surveillance and patient mapping - November 1, 2020

    Accurate tracing and data collection needed: GMOA By Sarah Hannan  Sri Lanka is riding its most aggressive wave of Covid-19 infections with last week’s numbers climbing by nearly 3,000 cases; the number of positive cases reported on 22 October stood at 6,287, and by last Wednesday (28), it stood at[…]

  • ‘Go on a Couch Safari’ - November 1, 2020

     Sri Lanka Tourism takes our wildlife online The Covid-19 pandemic has facilitated an unprecedented embrace of technology. Work and socialising (for the most part) went virtual. By and large, we realised that much of what we were used to doing physically could be worked around virtually, also discovering the importance[…]

  • The Fat Crab - November 1, 2020

    No better place to eat crab than right by the sea The Fat Crab on Haig Road, the sea food restaurant under Don Stanley Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. originally headed by the late Athula Senanayake, has been a Colombo staple since its inception six years ago. Following Senanayake’s passing, the management[…]

  • #safesrilankanow : How can a foreigner feel safe when a Lankan woman does not? - November 1, 2020

    By Dinithi Gunasekera Sexual harassment has been a long prevalent ill that has been plaguing not only the nooks and crannies, but also the broad daylight of our society. Police reports submitted to the United Nations (UN) from 2012-2020 record 142 cases of rape, 42 cases of serious sexual abuse,[…]

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