Sweden becomes first to completely lift travel advisory on Sri Lanka

Sweden has become the first country to lift its travel advisory on Sri Lanka, which was issued following the Easter Sunday attacks, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In further good news for the battered tourism industry, Australia, one of Sri Lanka’s top 10 tourist markets, has relaxed its advisory.

Meanwhile, yesterday(14) diplomatic sources said that France is also expected to relax its travel advisory over the coming days.

Several other travel advisories placed on Sri Lanka have been relaxed over the past few weeks.

These three countries accounted for around 31,270 tourists, with 14,961 from Australia, 9,475 from France, and 6,834 from Sweden during December 2018.

After the Easter Sunday attack on 21 April, Sri Lanka received islandwide travel advisories from 37 countries.

These travel advisories warned tourists of the country’s current situation, and also denies tourists travel insurance.