UDA to enhance project monitoring: Progress reports every 6 months

By Charindra Chandrasena

All projects for which the Urban Development Authority (UDA) provides permits will be required to submit a compulsory biannual progress report with effect from 1 August 2019.

The new regulation is expected to be updated in the UDA’s upcoming development regulations together with Colombo development plans and will be gazetted subsequently.

Speaking to The Sunday Morning Business, UDA Chairman Dr. Jagath Munasinghe noted that this regulation will be implemented following the effectuating of powers vested with the UDA.

He added that the UDA will appoint officers who would be assigned to check the progress of the construction site every six months and compile a separate report on the progress.

“Officers will have to visit those sites and compile a report which has to be compatible with the report provided by the developers,” Munasinghe stated.

Accordingly, the reports submitted by the developer will be cross-checked with the report compiled by the UDA officers and then verified.

The UDA issues permits to all developments that have more than 4,000 square meters in the areas declared urban development areas by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.

At the moment, the UDA does not have any proper system to monitor the progress of a permitted development project until the developer comes back for permit renewal after a year.

However, if the developer wishes, the permit can also be obtained for up to three years at the initial stage, in which case the UDA will not have any update on the development for three years. The UDA has not made it compulsory for the developer to provide a progress report when renewing the permit.

“Annual reporting is there, but it does not happen effectively. Developers do not report and there is no mechanism in the UDA’s side to monitor this,” Munasinghe added.

If the UDA receives any complaint against a construction, officials from the UDA will inspect that particular development.

Also, the UDA randomly inspects the progress of development projects, but it is understood that even those random inspections are not being carried out consistently throughout the island.
According to the Extraordinary Gazette No. 2054/45, in an application for the renewal of a public building certificate, the floor plan need not be submitted again if no change to the particulars shown on the plan has taken place since the date of its last submission to the authority.