Sri Lanka still our No. 1: Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet reaffirmed its ranking of Sri Lanka as the best place to visit in 2019, in spite of the Easter Sunday attacks which claimed the lives of around 40 tourists and over 250 people in total.

“The country has been upset but continues to be an incredible place to visit. It still tops our Best in Travel for 2019,” the influential travel magazine said in its latest article on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka was named the best country in the world to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet, citing the improved transport links, new hotels, and a growing number of activities as the reasons for the No. 1 ranking.

It highlighted Sri Lanka’s food, the “epic” train rides, the Hill Country, and the “incomparable” beaches as reasons it should still be on the top of tourists’ travel plans.

“While we don’t discount the fear many travellers feel, we should not allow events like this to deter us from continuing to explore, learn, and break down stereotypes. In recent weeks, countries have softened their travel warnings to Sri Lanka, including the UK,” Lonely Planet writer Caterina Hrysomallis noted on its website today.