ISSO Founder acquires full ownership with plans to enter Maldives

ISSO Restaurants (Pvt.) Ltd. CEO and Co-Founder Apinash Sivagumaaran recently acquired complete ownership of the prawn restaurant, it was announced last week.

Having launched the establishment in 2016, the restaurant soon became a favourite among prawn-lovers in the city, prompting the opening of more branches both in Colombo and the Maldives.

Expressing his thoughts, Sivagumaaran said: “Prawns are considered a delicacy enjoyed both locally and internationally. Our mission is to disrupt the market by simply reintroducing prawns as a daily food option in a price bracket affordable to many. We want to build a renowned international brand and make our food accessible in many locations, both locally and internationally.”

Sivagumaaran went on to say that by establishing their presence abroad, starting in the Maldives in August, they hope to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination through their outlets.