SLIM calls for effective marcom work to reward at Effie Awards 2019

Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the organiser of the Effie Awards in Sri Lanka, recently announced the opening of entry submissions for its 2019 competition at a press conference, followed by a workshop facilitated by senior Effie jurors.

Launched in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association, the Effie Awards is recognised by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry, honouring any and all forms of effective marketing communications that contribute to a brand’s success.

Additionally, the Effie Awards is respected by the advertising fraternity as the weight of evaluation is placed greatly on results than creativity and execution.

Providing insight to the competition, SLIM uploaded the comprehensive entry kit on Sri Lanka’s official Effie Awards site – The competition calendar, entry categories with definitions, entry process, entry submission checklist, reasons for disqualification of an entry, judging criteria, Effie Index, point allocation, etc. have been clearly set out in the Effie Sri Lanka entry kit.

In keeping with the ever-evolving advertising industry, Effie Awards Sri Lanka, in addition to the existing categories, introduced four new categories at this year’s competition such as “Media Effies: Media Content Partnerships and Data-Driven”, “Specialty Audience: Influencers and Youth Marketing”, “Positive Change: Environmental Goods”, “Health: Disease Awareness and Education and Advocacy”.

The qualifying period to enter work or cases is from 1 January to December 2018, from which the jury will assess campaign effectiveness. The last call for entries is Friday, 22 July 2019.

SLIM also hosted a breakfast meeting and interactive session for all heads of marcom agencies with the participation of senior jury representatives for the first time this year.

The objective was to highlight the areas of improvement in entry submissions, thereby raising the quality of the entries submitted not only to win in the local Effie competition but also to succeed across borders in regional Effie programmes such the Asia Pacific Effies.

Agency heads too provided valued feedback to enhance the standard of Effie Awards in a way the industry would benefit in the long run.

“As our industry becomes even more complex, we firmly believe in adapting today’s communication realities, and recognise the best campaigns that deliver clear results for their clients with proof they really work.

“New categories have been introduced as the industry landscape changes, and effectiveness must also remain dynamic and keep apace. The jury process too underwent improvements this year such as the involvement of international Effie jurors, stringent screening of entries, workshops for new jurors on effective entry evaluation, etc.

“I am honoured to chair the jury of this prestigious international competition and look forward to a very close competition with good-quality entries,” noted Effie Awards Sri Lanka Head of Jury and Innovations Quotient (Pvt.) Ltd. Director Irfan Ahmed.

Ahmed is an eminent marketer with sound footing in marketing communications and a wealth of experience playing a dual role of the client and ad agency, which makes him an ideal personality to lead the panel of advertising specialists for this award show.