Daraz Express Colombo expands to 5,000 sq. ft. office

In an initiative to further enhance the service offering and strengthen business efficiency, Daraz Express (DEX) Colombo, the logistic arm of, expanded into a 5,100 sq. ft. area in Colombo 14. The expansion of DEX Colombo comes in the form of a dedicated hub to cater to its customer base in

Colombo to ensure fast access to customers whilst improving overall customer and seller experiences. The previously co-shared space operations have now augmented into a dedicated space optimised for delivery operations, with a distinct increase of Daraz’s delivery capacity within Colombo to 5,000 packages per day.

“While investing on developing the e-commerce market in Sri Lanka, Daraz also plays a strategic role in developing logistics, which is vital to the success of the process. Understanding the expectations and last-mile requirements, we diversified into our own logistic support centre, which will offer seamless, efficient, and fast access to our customers. The new DEX hub will largely reduce the pickup time for our riders whilst increasing our customer reach and expanding our delivery capacity,” noted Daraz Lanka Managing Director Rakhil Fernando, commenting on this latest expansion.

The launch of the DEX Colombo hub was officiated by Rakhil Fernando, Chief Operations Officer Darshika Attanayake, Head of Daraz Express Arun Joseph, Head of Transport Sajid Suhile, and Manager – DEX Operations Piratab Muttiah, and attended by religious leaders of all four religions, who invoked blessings to the company and its employees. Consisting of members from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds, Daraz creates a young and vibrant corporate culture geared to revolutionise e-commerce in Sri Lanka.

With the vision of capturing the fast-growing online retail market and expanding to regions beyond the city centres, Daraz Express hubs are currently located in 14 districts across the country, and plans are underway to reach up to 20 regional hubs by the end of 2020.