LB Finance builds drug rehabilitation centre

Recently, LB Finance PLC built and donated a rehabilitation centre (New Life Rehabilitation Centre) to “Nawa Jeevana Amadyapa Handa Society” located in the Rumassala area. The Society is a humanitarian society with a 20-year history of working with people addicted to drugs. This rehabilitation centre aims to rehabilitate those who are addicted to drugs in the island. LB Finance invested more than Rs. 13 million in order to build this rehabilitation centre. It is a modern and standardised building that offers the relevant support to the process of rehabilitation.

LB Finance Managing Director Sumith Adihetty shared his opinion on the event: “In light of the current drug abuse issue in the island, we feel that this is a timely intervention. As a finance company that is close to the people that always with them in their time of need, we are ideally placed to be involved in such a mission. Our goal is to help each Sri Lankan make a better life, one that is free of worry and stress. We do not feel that providing financial solutions is the only way we can contribute to Sri Lankan society. Our CSR arm is very strong, and we commit to creating a society that all would be proud to live in and to leave to future generations. Thus, we are happy to be part of this initiative by the Nawa Jeevana Amadyapa Handa Society. We commit to helping those afflicted and will continue to support the organisation with its work.”

The centre looks not only at rehabilitating the inmates but also helping them develop cultural and social skills that will stand them in good stead when they reintegrate to society.

LB Finance Managing Director Sumith Adihetty, Executive Director Niroshan Udage, and Executive Director March Perera were in attendance at the opening event. Staff members and club members of Nawa Jeevana Amadyapa Handa Society were also present.