PickMe builds stronger ties with Google

PickMe, Sri Lanka’s home-grown digital mobility solutions provider announced recently that it is now one of Google Cloud’s key clients in the whole of South Asia due to the high utilisation of wide array of Google services and deep technology integration with Google’s technology.

PickMe hailed Google Cloud’s professional services for facilitating the company’s highly agile, scalable, and stable digital infrastructure which enables rapid and hassle-free mobility solutions to Sri Lankans. PickMe’s trilingual application is available through iOS and Android and allows passengers to book vehicles ranging from three wheelers to super luxury vehicles for all their transportation needs.

“We want to lead the local market and become a premier mobility solutions provider,” said PickMe Chief Technology Officer (Digital Mobility Solutions) Mithila Somasiri. “We are prominent in ride-hailing at the moment, but our vision is to touch all areas of mobility.” The business has already moved into food delivery and logistics and hopes the technology it is building will have applications within and outside the country.”

Speaking further, he noted: “In our efforts to successfully integrate our platform into the lives of all Sri Lankans, we believe joining hands with Google Cloud’s professional services would work to our advantage. This is because in partnering, we are given the opportunity to take advantage of their best practices and benefit from their technological expertise.”