ComBank offers co-branded debit card with JAT Holdings

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, Sri Lanka’s market leader in credit and debit card cumulative point-of-sale usage, has extended the reach of its hybrid card functionality by partnering with JAT Holdings to introduce a loyalty debit card programme for the latter’s Sayerlack loyalty customers.

JAT Holdings, named one of the strongest conglomerate brands in Sri Lanka, aims to reward loyal contractors, carpenters, and wood workers for their patronage through the “ComBank-JAT Sayerlack Loyalty Debit Card”.

Registered customers can earn loyalty points from their purchases of Sayerlack water based wood coatings from JAT while enjoying all the benefits, offers, and promotions available to Commercial Bank debit cardholders.

The chip-enabled card with near field communication (NFC) “tap and go” technology is linked to the cardholders’ respective Commercial Bank savings accounts and enables them to earn loyalty points which are credited to their savings accounts each month. These points can be accessed and utilised by the cardholders via their loyalty debit cards.

“Each point earned by a cardholder is converted into a rupee and can be utilised during point-of-sale transactions. One of our main objectives through this partnership with JAT Holdings is to promote the habit of saving as well as the use of the banking system to a segment that can benefit from a greater degree of inclusivity,” said Commercial Bank Card Centre Head Thusitha Suraweera.

In addition to earning loyalty points from JAT Holdings, when purchasing Sayerlack water based wood coatings, cardholders can also earn Max Loyalty Rewards points when using the “ComBank-JAT Sayerlack Loyalty Debit Card” at Commercial Bank partner merchant outlets.