The Lean Six Sigma Company enters Sri Lanka

With the motive of supporting organisations and individuals in their ambition to continuously improve processes, The Lean Six Sigma Company, one of the world’s leading providers of lean six sigma training, recently commenced its operations in Sri Lanka in partnership with DA’VISION Business Solution (Pvt.) Ltd., making it the first country to establish their presence in the Asian region.

Professionals in Sri Lanka can now obtain Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt certifications including Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader through The Lean Six Sigma Company, giving quality practical knowledge and application to successfully execute process improvement projects within the organisations and add immense value towards advancing their career.

The Lean Six Sigma Company Group CEO Mischa van Aalten said: “We are very delighted to enter Asia by establishing our operations in Sri Lanka. With many businesses today looking for ways to increase profitability by minimising costs and lead time with improved customer satisfaction in highly competitive markets, we believe we can be a great partner in working together to achieve this.”

Based on lean techniques to eliminate or reduce waste in business processes and the “six sigma” concept to minimise process variance to reduce defect rate through DMAIC approach, the methodology is relatively new in Sri Lanka. However, in the recent decade, it has increasingly become popular among the manufacturing and service sectors.

Lean Six Sigma can be considered as an ideal tool, especially when doing business in struggling economies like Sri Lanka where operating costs are higher, shrinking its margins. Banks and apparel manufacturers have already recognised the significant financial benefits of these methods with many having separate functions to run these programmes.

“Quality is of paramount importance to us and we offer our customers an assurance of value reflecting through recognition and accreditations,” van Aalten added. The courses are based on both ISO18404 and ISO13052 standards. These standards give an independent framework for the skills and knowledge of Lean Six Sigma professionals. The Lean Six Sigma Company is one of the very few providers certified for both standards.

As per latest surveys, due to high demand in most parts of the world, Lean Six Sigma professionals earn very high salaries, and on average, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt-qualified professional is capable of earning over $ 120,000 per annum in developed countries.