SLT launches National Digital Roadmap for ‘Smart Sri Lanka’

Marking another significant milestone in the journey of the nation’s ICT solutions provider Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, the National Digital Roadmap was ceremonially launched on 11 June 2019 at Nelum Pokuna Theatre with the participation of President Maithripala Sirisena. The ceremony consisted of three sessions: Digital Youth Forum, Digital Citizen Forum, and launching of National Digital Roadmap.

A large number of invitees including ministers and other dignitaries participated in the event to witness the remarkable contribution made by the SLT Group towards achieving the national goal of transforming the country into a digitally empowered “Smart Sri Lanka”. The Government has already stepped into a forward-looking mission of providing the nation with multifaceted benefits of digitisation and the SLT initiative was clearly in line with this.

SLT National Digital Roadmap is a large-scale ICT infrastructure development project which is planned to be implemented under the pillars of smart security, smart Government, smart health, smart building, smart utilities, smart environment, smart transportation and mobility, smart agriculture, smart money, smart education, smart workforce, and smart infrastructure. A large number of projects will be initiated under each sector with a wider focus on empowering not only the Government’s smart initiatives and the industrial landscape, but also transforming the lives of the people by providing them with cutting-edge digital solutions. Sri Lanka Telecom PLC took the lead in planning these initiatives with the support of the group’s mobile arm Mobitel (Pvt.) Ltd., Peo TV, and other subsidiaries.

The overall vision of the National Digital Roadmap has been established based on the broad principle “Llimitless You”. SLT has always been serving the nation with the purpose of providing the whole country with a seamless experience in terms of information and technology solutions and related infrastructure, which is also a sign of the value created for both the industry and the citizens of Sri Lanka. Many technological opportunities including internet access, mobile technologies, and smart solutions remained largely unrelated to the daily lives of people for years, but SLT successfully managed to mitigate this “digital gap” by expanding ICT solutions and infrastructure, even to the far corners of the island facilitating lives of the nation. The group has also taken measures to raise public awareness on these technologies to better achieve the objective of making digital experience a part of the daily lives of Sri Lankans.

Photos Saman Abesiriwardana