BOI and CEA slam companies that imported waste

Hayleys Free Zone Limited (HFZL) who are accused of importing waste have been directed by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka to re-export the waste cargo on or before 12 August.

In addition to stern directives from the BOI, the Central Environment Authority (CEA) has also said that the companies involved in the reprocessing and re-exporting of this waste will be taken to court.

The CEA has said that the corporations had not gained proper approval from the CEA to carry out these tasks and therefore HFZL and the Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation Pvt ltd could be produced before a court of law.

In October 2017, approximately 130 containers of contaminated material were imported from The United Kingdom by HFZL for re-export purposes, however, only 29 of these containers were re-exported.

The company has stated that the 130 containers of used mattresses were imported by the Ceylon Metal Processing Corporation Pvt ltd who are the actual owners of the cargo.

They confirmed that the HFZL had only been involved in the processing and re-exporting of the waste goods.