BOI to take action against HFZL

The Board of Investment (BoI)  is to take stern action against Hayleys Free Zone Limited (HFZL) over the importation of contaminated materials.

In October 2017, approximately 130 containers of contaminated material were imported from The United Kingdom by HFZL for re-export purposes, however, only 29 of these containers were re-exported.

In January 2018, the BOI observed that a significant amount of this cargo was unloaded/stored within the free zone premises without being re-exported as envisaged, the BOI had given written instructions to the company to strictly comply with the commitments laid out in the BOI agreement and the applicable environmental regulations.

Further, the BOI took steps to halt all future imports of used material and requested the company to clear all cargo from the Katunayake Export Processing Zone.

However, as the company has failed to comply with these orders, the Board of the BOI have now decided to take action against HFZL to resolve this matter immediately.