A song of courage, a song of strength

By Pujanee Galappaththi

A brand new music video for the song Sinha Lokaye Sinhaya by popular musician Chitral Somapala was launched on 16 January at the Colombo City Centre.

This is the seventh music video by Chitral Somapala.

Written by Kelum Srimal and sung by Chitral Somapala, Sinha Lokaye Sinhaya was composed with the aim of inspiring the youth of Sri Lanka to find the lion within, and achieve their ultimate goals.

The music video is directed by the internationally acclaimed director, Asad-ul-Haq and produced by Rasitha Jinasena of Skyy Productions and Saliya Weerasekara of Artswork Productions.

The video features the struggles of an architect who longs to become a professional surfer, and an art student who dreams of becoming a drummer. The video shows the obstacles they encounter and in the end they find their inner strength and achieve what they’ve always dreamt of.

The song aims to encourage the younger generations to overcome their obstacles and by taking that leap of faith with courage to overcome their fear and achieve their dreams. “This is song that will hopefully help you to bring out the lion in you,” said Chitral.

Commenting on the music video, the lyricist Kelum Srimal stated: “Sinha Lokaye Sinhaya is an inspirational song that is currently played at a number of national and important events to boost the self-confidence and courage of all listeners, especially the youth. It is after quite a long time such a song was introduced and it is my hope that this song and music video will bridge the inspirational music gap and revolutionise the thinking of the younger generation.”

The event was graced by an array of popular faces in the music industry and diehard fans. All members of the audience were filled with pride at the end of the premiere. Most of the invitees had nothing but kind words to offer to Chitral and his team.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ursula Bastiansz: “In a day and age where people are genuinely bored to death in what they do, this video and song in general is what every Sri Lankan needs to inspire them to pursue their passions, which after all gets you a life well worth lived at the end of the day.”

Mihindu Ariyarathne: “I absolutely adore this song, my band were some of the first to perform this song with Chitral. It was the most inspiring feeling. When I came for the music video launch today, I had high expectations and the video exceeded my expectations. It portrays the true meaning of the song. I hope this song becomes a hit because this is essential for the Sri Lankan Music industry.”

While setting standards for future creations, the creators promised the release of a new version of the song with a collection of familiar voices from the industry.

This will hopefully be an anthem for Sri Lankans living worldwide.