Raptor’s Home for Pooches

It’s common to worry about leaving your dog behind when you’re about to hit up that long-awaited vacation. Many of us worry so much, in fact, that we cancel everything to stay back to care for our precious pets.

At Raptor’s Home for Pooches, these concerns are dispelled with plenty of TLC. Adopting a zero-kennel approach, Chapa and Gayan have made it their life work to provide dogs with a safe place to stay when their owners are away.

With in-house facilities, including a cook who prepares fresh meals every day and a visiting vet, this dog-loving duo don’t just care for dogs, they also train them. This includes a guided socialisation process for canines – with the consent of their owners – where they are introduced to other pets and allowed to play to their heart’s content.

Beyond just boarding dogs for vacations of their own, the Co-founders also open their doors to pets that have lost their homes or don’t have anywhere to go. While the duo is open to the option of adoption, this is done under very strict scrutiny.

Gayan, in fact, mentioned that when he entrusts his charges to homes, he makes it a condition that he’s allowed to visit at any time up to six months, to make sure that the dog is doing well. Speaking of an instance where he was not happy with the conditions in which a certain pup was living, he made it a point to bring the dog back to his own home.

In terms of the behavioural training provided at Raptor’s Home for Pooches, Gayan uses the training he’s received in the UK and Germany to encourage socialisation among pets. Speaking of the various conditions that affect these domestic companions – including a range of anxiety-related afflictions – he trains dogs to adjust to a range of environments.

This involves training pooches to understand pack work and how to interact with other dogs in a healthy and fulfilling manner. He mentions that in this process, “it’s all about being the right pack leader and guiding them”.

Through Pet Travel Lanka, they also offer professional pet relocation services to acclimatise dogs that are looking to migrate to Sri Lanka with their owners. Beyond this, they also prepare dogs that are required to travel abroad, making the process anxiety-free for owners, who fret about how their pets will cope with air travel.

In addition to this, the duo organises play dates, special puppy classes to instil good behaviour in dogs, grooming, whelping as well as rescue missions for distressed canines.

What makes Raptor’s Home for Pooches so appealing lies not just in the facilities and services the co-owners offer, but in the love and care they extend towards their tail-wagging boarders. With their “no cage, no leashes” policy, happy dogs are given a free hand to have the time of their lives.

That being said, great care is taken to ensure each pet is safe and happy in this environment. For this purpose, Gayan and Chapa ensure that they have a number of handlers around, ready to support and train the dogs as and when necessary.
When asked for tips that would allow dogs to stay in the best of health, Chapa was good enough to recommend the following:

· Maintain a fresh and healthy diet without the inclusion of kibble

· Socialise pets to both humans and other dogs

· Avoid caging or tying pets

· Have dogs examined on a regular basis by a veterinarian and take a full blood report once every six months

· Look into your pet’s dental health

· Provide them with plenty of opportunity for activity and exercise

· Communicate with dogs and develop a close relationship

Never failing to mention their passion for quality dog care, the Co-founders mentioned that the best part of their job is living and interacting with a large variety of canines – both pure and local breeds.

With their mutual love for these companions, therefore, Gayan and Chapa aim to provide love and care for pets whose owners need to be away for a brief spell or even those longer than that.

Thus, owing to their extensive training and experience behind them, it’s now not just possible to enjoy a stress-free vacation, you can also ensure your dogs have the time of their lives in a safe and loving environment.


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By Archana Heenpella