Geek HQ – the mother ship

The very first Geek themed restaurant in Sri Lanka, Geek HQ bares the most unique privilege of catering to the country’s rising geek culture.

With comic con happening without fail every year, and varying comic conventions taking place, Geek HQ, quite aptly named has literally become the head quarter for everything Geek.

If you’ve made a trip to either their Facebook page and or website, Geek HQ’s genesis is readily available to all and it’s probably the most relatable thing you could think of;

“One day we were just chilling, at home playing video games and photographing our action figures – and it hit us – we do not have a real geeky place to… chill.”

Once inspiration hit the co-owners of the restaurant Angelo Pereira and Shafeek Shuail set out to open an exclusive haven for geeks, and for anyone looking for some comfort food, science fiction, fantasy, books, comics, movies and collectibles.
About how their idea was made in to an eventual reality, Shafeek said: “we co-own the restaurant with Liam Senathirajah, an investor we found down the line, and over two years, we worked on this project,” adding that “Me and Agelo were collectors and we have one of the biggest collection in Asia, especially the LOTR figures and so we came up with a unique theme to build a café, that suits our interests.”

Since its opening, the place has been absolutely buzzing, there’s been no shortage of geeky patrons dropping in at all hours of the day to get their fix.

The place is no doubt a Geek haven, with a TV strapped to the wall screening a superhero movie at all times, the walls adorned with comic book covers, the ceiling a gorgeous mural of geek cultural icons and the mother of all Lord of the Rings figurine collections.

The seating arrangements are cozy and comfortable with several outdoor seating options.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gamer, there’s a place for you at the table, simply walk in and take your place:
· Dungeons and dragons every Tuesday
· Quiz Night every Wednesday
· Board Games all throughout the week

Gaming room
You know how you do everything while gaming? You can do the same at Geek HQ. Don’t tell your mom, but the restaurant is opening a new gaming room quipped with consoles to keep your skill sharp as you feast. (Available from 1 January 2019)

The geek store

Now open on the first floor of Geek HQ, the store offers any all geek merchandise in one space.
The geek store is made available courtesy of, the world’s largest fantasy miniature painting service.

New Year’s Eve plans
You can expect a night of geeky extravagance, expect fun games and competitions and few surprise vents to keep the party going into the night.
On 30th December, Geek HQ is hosting their very first NYE Bash starting on 30 Dec. 6 p.m. and going on till 31 Dec. 1 a.m.
Entrance Rs. 1, 500 (redeemable).
The cultural zeitgeist for the new century in our quaint little island predicts great things for Geek HQ and its passionate patrons.
Address: 17A, Frankfort Place, Colombo 04
Contact: 071 601 4509

By Dimithri Wijesinghe

Photos Krishan Kariyawasam