A new age for Sri Lankan art

By Pujanee Galappaththi

Presented by M Sequence, an exclusive showcase of artistic intent was conducted from 18-20 January, 2019 by artist Kesara Ratnavibhushana in consultation with Genesis Global Consultancy, UK Founder and Le Grand Galle by Asia Leisure Hospitality Consultant Mario Stubbs.

The event, which gave priority to “Quintessentially” members, was in anticipation of an international launch and global strategy.

The event was graced by many artists, investors, and art lovers. The complete collection comprised a total of seven pieces, including the “Building Maze”, “Power to the People”, “Ultimate Centris”, “Gorgonzola Junkie”, “The Selfless Nature of all Phenomena”, “The Different Tendencies of Eternal Summer”, and “The Four Aggregates”.

The star of the exhibition and Kesara’s personal favourite was the “The Four Aggregates”. At 81 in x 45 in and 205.7 cm x 114 cm, this painting will have its own series that may come out in the next few years.
Commenting on the collection, Kesara stated: “All of these pieces started as photographs and then transcended to this.

“Paintings are usually paintings and photographs are just photographs, but I am blurring that line a lot and I believe that really makes it unique and gets people to think about it.”

Kesara Ratnavibhushana is an artist who focuses his work on single-edition, exclusive artwork that transcends art and photography. He has been working as a professional photographer since 2006. His work received interest from both local and international art lovers, moreover avid collectors.

Mario Stubbs commented: “Our collaboration toward M Sequence is a strategic one in which we wish to showcase Kesara’s work to the world of high-end art collectors and investors. We have identified an incredible value in his art and believe it will become a force to reckon with in the art world, further elevating Sri Lanka’s standing in the global art community.”

Having presented the best of artistic expression since 2005, Kesara Ratnavibhushana’s exhibitions were graced by unique artists in the expanded industries of art and literature, such as Sir Arthur C. Clarke, with his artwork having increased by 160% in one year. Ratnavibhushana has become an innovator and true creative, with collections that offer unique pieces inspired by Botany (Botanica – sold-out with a 70% conversion rate on the opening night) and Architecture (Faction: Sculpture).

Asia Leisure’s Le Grand Galle has previously commissioned more than 40 artworks by Ratnavibhushana, representing an artistic partnership that spans years.