One Stage For All

In this season of love and sharing, the Events by Tara crew behind One Stage For All, gave it all they had on 2 December to raise money and awareness for a very important cause.

This event was the first of a series of events organised by Events by Tara for the cause and was not only planned to raise awareness on Down syndrome and autism, but also to raise funds to build a central facility in Colombo for children affected by the conditions, where a proper registry can be maintained, along with a hostel and facilities to help in their treatment and medication.

With more than 100 official volunteers and 200 public volunteers, some of them even being celebrities, each child with Down syndrome or autism was accompanied by volunteers to complete the activities in each of the stalls. Ranging from hand painting, to drawing, to musical activities and fun games, the activities were planned to ensure that the kids were able to have fun.

One Stage For All was a day filled with fun activities and was a beautiful opportunity for the general public to join hands to spend time with more than 380-plus children with Down syndrome and autism and to “give life to a life”.

The pictures speak for themselves.


By Rovina Vandersay