The ‘A-Team’ wows at Curve!

Enlivening the atmosphere at one of Colombo’s sleekest hangout spots, the A-Team, a group of 11 talented musicians, took the Curve Tapas Restaurant and Bar by a storm Enlivening the atmosphere at one of Colombo’s sleekest hangout spots.

Taking centre-stage every Wednesday from 9.00 p.m. onwards, the band is one that boasts its own unique history. Having been around for five years when most band members were much younger, the A-Team recently reassembled to include a troupe replete with multi-talented musicians.

With proclamations of being bigger and better, the band certainly put up a show – when The Sunday Morning paid a visit to Curve – displaying a wealth of talent and charisma.

Managed and led by renowned musician Aruna Siriwardhana, who is fondly referred to as ‘uncle Aruna’, we got the chance to dish on ‘all things A-Team’ before their gig, just last week.

Speaking to Melissa, Ravin, and Shamistha, who shared their love for Stevie Wonder, Stayin’ Alive, and musical performance, it wasn’t tough to pick up on the band’s deep-seated appreciation of the classics.

This was certainly reflected in their line-up of hits, featuring the likes of Michael Jackson and the Counting Crows, among others. Eliciting cheers, whistles, and encores from the audience, listeners at Curve were even reluctant to release the band for a quick break!

Speaking to a few audience members in attendance, it was clear that the band is set to become a highlight of Colombo’s mid-week music scene. Shenaya, 23, stated that the musical riffs were an absolute pleasure to listen to and the duets and solos “commanded their own kind of respect.”

Nusry also shared this view, confiding that it was refreshing to see a pool of young talent jamming out to classics that receive little appreciation nowadays.

In conversation with Aruna, he continuously reiterated that his role in managing the band was very limited, given that the band just “played itself”, time and time again. Having heard their performance, it’s not difficult to see why.

Combining a variety of sounds, the band excels in airy trumpet solos, electrifying guitar riffs, slinky organ interludes, and crooning voices that makes one forget anything that lies outside Curve’s dimly-lit confines.

When asked to describe themselves, certain members of the unquestionably gifted troupe responded with laughter, stating that “fun, intense, and talented” – pretty accurate descriptors. With an unabashed fondness for funk, Motown, and R&B, the band is bound together with a motivation no greater than a genuine enthusiasm for good music.

Set to perform at Curve every Wednesday from 9.00 p.m. onwards, catch the A-Team in action while you unwind to a decadent array of drinks and well-executed dishes.

Located on the cobbled walkway of Park Street, Curve is renowned for its electric atmosphere and well-curated menus. With the tapas range recently reimagined and revised by Chef Rohan, patrons now have exciting Asian and Western flavours to look forward to.

With the likes of A-Team gracing this plush venue, visitors can also enjoy an enthralling display of musical talent every week. Head to the bar and tapas restaurant and catch them in action soon!

By Archana Heenpella

Photos Indika Handuwala

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Facebook: CURVE
IG: @thecurvebar