Comilla Bungalow recognised by LUX Magazine UK

Sri Lanka’s Comilla Bungalow has been adjudged the “Most Outstanding Luxury Bungalow – Sri Lanka” at the recent 2018 Global Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards by LUX Magazine UK.

Perched on the summit of a vast coconut estate in picturesque and historic Wathurugama, Comilla Bungalow is a true oasis of calm and absolute silence. It is a wonderful place to recover and reconnect with nature, helped along by a quietness and stillness that can only be achieved by limits on room availability and wide, open fields.

Comilla Bungalow is also the perfect place for a family weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, since it is only an hour’s drive away.

The 2018 Global Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards were designed to recognise companies, brands, and individuals who excel in the ever-growing industry of luxury hospitality around the world – those who go above and beyond to exemplify experiences clients seek when looking for their latest getaway.

LUX Life’s dedicated team of in-house researchers handpick each participant from the nominations received – ranging from the very best boutique hotels and spas, to beautiful beach resorts and experts in tailor-made getaways, no matter how big or small. This proven approach ensures that they award on merit and exceptional customer service, not just popularity or size, and recognise the very best in the business.

According to LUX Magazine Editor Hannah Stevenson, LUX is read by the highest net worth individuals from around the world who know what they like, and are willing to pay for it.

As such, the magazine showcases the products, services, and events that appeal to them. Some of the world’s most internationally renowned brands, individuals, and products are highlighted in the magazine so that its esteemed readers find everything they need to truly live the life they deserve.

“Comilla Bungalow is pleased to be recognised by LUX Magazine UK for being Sri Lanka’s true oasis of calm and absolute silence, where one goes to rejuvenate and even reconnect with nature and stillness. We welcome everyone to try us out and discover the quiet magic and majesty of Comilla Bungalow,” commented its owner.

Surrounded by impressive acres of greenery, including 100-year-old giant Mora trees, the Comilla Bungalow comprises a quaint old estate house that provides serene tranquillity to scores of visitors who visit this green haven. Bird life now thrives there and several species of native birds enjoy the variety of fruits that grow in season.

Featuring two large bedrooms in the bungalow property, as well as two detached chalets perfect for extended sojourns, Comilla Bungalow helps you destress, getting you well underway in your search for tranquillity and serenity. Its fully-equipped range of modern conveniences, including novel touches such as an infinity pool, a private deck, a juice bar, in-room hot chocolate facilities, and a butler service, only adds to one’s enjoyment of life.