Indulge in professional pampering

Tucked away in an unassuming grey-walled building on Kynsey Road, Colombo 8 is the spanking new salon run by the Esthéti Centre.

Welcoming guests to a golden-hued space and soft music, those who step into the plush confines of the salon are transported into a world of luxurious beauty care and serenity. When I made my visit there, earlier this week; the ambience inside immediately set me at ease. The friendly and polite staff – deal with all customers in hushed tones, eager to maintain the palpable tranquillity.

The salon, itself, is housed in an open space just beyond the reception area. The hair washing zone and the manicure/pedicure section is cordoned off with Asian-inspired room dividers. While this does offer clients some semblance of privacy, guests may feel a little exposed given the proximity of the salon to the reception area. This, however, is a standard part of most salons and isn’t something you can’t get over.

Entrusted into the very capable hands of Esthéti Centre Head Stylist Dinesh Haputhanthri, I was pampered with a deep conditioning treatment that immersed me, roots-deep, into lathery goodness. Taking an unobtrusive investigative approach, Dinesh gently probes clients about their history of hair care, providing personalised recommendations for a healthier head of locks.

This proved to be a satisfying experience, given that Dinesh was not just polite and accommodative, but also treated my hair very gently. The treatment itself consisted of a thorough hair washing, mildly intensive conditioning, and a time-out in the hair steamer.

Thankfully, the latter didn’t take too long, given that sitting under that dome of steam can make people like me rather fidgety. Once this was done, the conditioning products were washed off and my new and nourished mane was topped off with an excellent blow-dry.
At the time of writing, my hair was still bouncy and showed signs of softness that can be challenging to maintain in this climate.

As a part of their offerings, the Esthéti Centre specialises in skin treatments, massages, reflexology, and a number of other services that can be found on their website. Beyond this, they also retail a range of hair and skin care products from the collections of high-end suppliers, all of which are backed by the FDA and are CDDA-approved.

With regard to its range of skin treatments and procedures, the salon and spa distinguishes itself by committing to products and approaches that cater to the unique characteristics of Sri Lankan skin. This seems to be a practice that is maintained throughout their services, especially considering the personalised advice I received from Dinesh about my hair.

When I made it a point to ask him about some of the most common hair care mistakes we make, the Head Stylist stated that many of us use the wrong products for our specific type of hair. He also shared that given the hot climate we live in, bathing in hot water is absolutely damaging and has a significant effect on how healthy our hair looks and feels.
For those who wish to get a haircut, unwind to a pampering manicure or even treat themselves to an anti-frizz keratin treatment, the Esthéti Centre is a luxurious beauty haven.

With their facilities, you can now discover professional and courteous service, and tender loving care for your hair and skin – two features that can go a long way in helping you feel your best self! While it’s not surprising that their service is on point, it’ll be interesting to see how they maintain their stride and improve facilities over time.

If the deep conditioning treatment I received is any indication of the things to come, however, it’s all too likely that the salon will attract its fair share of loyal customers. While they do have a salon at K-Zone in Ja Ela, this is run in partnership with Ramani Fernando Salons. Their new wing at Kynsey Road, therefore, is their first solo venture.

If you’re curious to check out their services, make yourself an appointment on 011 5336088 or 011 5336086. You can also check out their full ranges of services on


By Archana Heenpella