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Breakfast at OZO Colombo

Overall rating: 4/5

Complete with a trendy restaurant meant for fine dining, OZO has changed up their breakfast menu and we tried it out.


Located on Marine Drive, OZO does not lack captivating sea views. With trendy furniture and modern design OZO Colombo has a corporate feel to it. The breakfast buffet is served in the restaurant located in the first floor of the hotel – EAT – and is complete with a gorgeous backdrop of the sea. The restaurant is spacious – big enough to host your corporate breakfast meetings.

What we tried

The breakfast menu here is an all-inclusive buffet priced at Rs. 1,550 per person. The buffet included an English breakfast, Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines, and much more.


OZO is pretty extensive on the morning drinks. Besides your regular tea and coffee, they also included fresh juices such as orange, papaya, avocado, and watermelon.

Avocado smoothie
We tried this smoothie. It was smooth, creamy and had a beautiful pale green colour. It was appealing at a glance and did not disappoint as we sipped on it. It was a little low on sugar but the fruity to milky ratio was perfect.

The watermelon juice
The watermelon juice was slightly disappointing after the creamy goodness of the avocado. It was rather watery and the mix of salt, sugar, and watermelon was a bit off.


Rice Payasam
This was definitely the highlight of the meal. It was creamy and milky. The rice was perfectly cooked and was the right amount of sweet. Basically, it had a great rice-to-everything-else ratio. This is a must-try when at OZO – it’s amazing.


The mains included all kinds of eggs, baked treats, hoppers, rice, and much more. We went with the more oriental options and we were not disappointed.

Onion rice with chicken curry
This is a very sticky rice with a smooth texture. You will taste the onion and the extra spices when you bite into it. It was wonderful with the chicken curry.
The chicken curry at OZO was just brilliant – with chicken cut up into small pieces that you can easily put in your mouth. Quite spicy, the gravy had a nice and smooth texture and it blended with the onion rice quite perfectly. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the masala flavour was just right.

Bhindi Jaipuri and sambol
The Bhindi Jaipuri is great coupled with rice and chicken. This was fried to a nice golden colour. It was crispy and as you bite into it, you will discover its softer and mellower textures. We tried this with the green sambol and it was perfect. The sambol was juicy and had the perfect blend of spices.

Scrambled egg with tofu and chocolate pancakes
The tofu scrambled eggs were a little dry and lumpy. It didn’t have that smooth texture we love. However, it was nice coupled with chocolate pancakes, which were amazing. It was chocolaty, it was soft and fluffy, and had the right amount of sugar and milk.

Chocolate muffins
To top it all off, we tried the chocolate muffins – and they were great. It was spongy and sweet and the dough just melted in our mouths.

Fantastic service: The staff was very helpful. They made recommendations and were very prompt in cleaning as soon as we were done.
Would we go again? Definitely. As far as breakfast buffets in Colombo go, this one takes one of the top spots – especially with regard to Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines.
Seven day rotation buffet: The breakfast buffet at OZO is on a rotation basis. Therefore, you will never encounter the same food varieties two days in a row. “The breakfast rotation is done based on occupancy and we try to create a diverse variety of options for our guests,” said the Sous-Chef of the Restaurant Kamalendra Parameshwaram.
“Our vision is to have a cyclic breakfast rotation. We do this once every six months so there is something new to look forward to,” said Kiran Sonawane, the Area Director, Sales & Marketing of OZO Colombo.

Vegetarian options: Available
Toilets: Available and clean
Parking: Available
Contact: 011 255 5570 and ask for EAT Restaurant Facebook: OZO Colombo Sri Lanka

By Pujanee Galappaththi

Photos Lalith Perera