Eat like a royal at The Kings

Overall rating: 4/5

Kingsbury’s lobby bar “The Kings” is affectionately crafted to provide you with the ideal place to escape daily stresses, to lounge with or without an agenda, to discover heavenly pub grub, to make conversation, and to enjoy diverse music.


The Kingsbury hotel has the most aesthetically pleasing, regal interiors. The Kings portrays a more sophisticated pub atmosphere, with dim lighting and trendy furnishing. Ideally suited for executive meetings or mere catching up, The Kings is a popular lunch spot in Colombo.

What we tried

We tried the new Pub Meal at Kings. This is a meal option that will be running from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, and comes with three distinct dishes, each of which is coupled with a beverage.

1. Assorted vegetable creamy fricassee with cheese gratin served with steamed rice

This was a very filling dish of rice and vegetables. The assorted vegetable and creamy fricassee tasted divine next to the boiled rice. The vegetables are crunchy, cheesy and sufficiently spicy, and it was the perfect combo with a cold glass of drink.

2. Mini fillet steak with baked potato and vegetables

This was a beautiful dish with a dark brown juicy steak garnished with rosemary and lentils. The steak was soft and had the perfect blend of sauce and spices. It’s quite herby although this added a pure flavour that worked great with the potato and steamed vegetables. Overall, this was a brilliant dish.

3. Chicken dry chilli fry with steamed rice and cashew

This dish was the most beautiful specimen. With the red brown chicken next to the steamed rice, it was a sight for sore eyes. The chicken had a dry and crunchy texture, and is one for those who love spicy food. The chicken has a sweet chilli flavour and nice nutty crunch with the added cashew. With the perfect chicken to everything else ratio, this was one of the best options here.

4. Grilled fish fillet and prawns with steamed vegetables

With two jumbo prawns and an aesthetically arranged platter of vegetables and fish, this was a very tempting dish. The prawns were crispy and juicy at the same time. The fish had a scrumptious blend of spices and herbs, and was perfectly coupled with steamed beans and lentils. This was an explosion of flavours and by far our favourite dish.

What you need to know

A scrumptious meal
The pub meal is a complete dining experience and is the best way to get away from a busy work routine. Besides the pub meal, The Kings pub offers a range of tapas, including delicious vegetarian options such as the potato, goat cheese and spring onion pie at Rs. 800.

Would we go again?

Of course we would, and we highly recommend The Kings pub meal for those looking for a casual dining experience.
The chef at The Kings bar, Chef Kithsiri De Silva, referring to the pub meal stated: “We see a lot of business executives coming here – this has become a key restaurant to entertain clients and hold casual business meetings, so that is the crowd we are catering to through this menu.”

Vegetarian: Options available
Toilets: Available/Clean
Parking: Available
Contact: 0112421221
Instagram: theKingsbury

By Pujanee Galappaththi
Photos Indika Handuwala