Fairway Colombo Australian Street Food Festival

Fairway Colombo Street Food Festival, in partnership with the Australian High Commission, took place on 24 and 25 November from 6 p.m. onwards at Hospital Street, Colombo 1.

Accompanied by a good atmosphere, attractive decorations, and eclectic looking food trucks, the ambience was appropriately set. Some could say, though, that there was not enough “Australia”, and a whole lot of regular old street food at the festival.

We spoke to some of the festival goers and here’s what they had to say:

Abiramie Udayakumar and Adsheeya Vasakan, two friends who had just arrived at the festival as it hit the 7 p.m. mark looked as though they were having a ball of a time.

“We think that this festival, the Fairway one, is actually way better than the ones they usually have on Green Path. Maybe it’s the venue – Hospital Street feels very homely to walk around in,” they said, adding: “Although it is better, they could’ve had a little more options to choose from.”

Minoli Don who was there with her husband said: “The atmosphere is actually really entertaining. Some effort has clearly gone into an attempted theme but, I wish that there was a little more variety in the food department.”

Rashmi Navodya, Sanduni Liyanapathirana, and Sunera Naveen, three friends leisurely walking down Hospital Street shared: “We’ve all been here for about half an hour now, and we are enjoying ourselves. The lights and atmosphere are really welcoming and nice, but in half an hour, we’ve sort of finished browsing through all the stalls,” they said.

Darshinie Gengarajoo, travelling to Sri Lanka for the first time with her mom said: “I really love it; it was a nice surprise because I didn’t know what I would find when we walked this way. We just came from our trip to Kandy, and visiting a carnival in the middle of our trip, I think we got lucky when we stumbled in here.”


Photos Krishan Kariyawasam