‘Fun dining’ at rare

Overall rating: 4/5


Uga offers fine dining at its best. It is one of the go-tos for a formal lunch or a special dinner.

A new breakfast concept has been introduced at rare at Residence, focusing on ‘fun dining’ (fine dining in a more casual setting) to offer exceptional food to everyone, under reasonable pricing for high quality of each dish.


The ambience of Uga Residence is classy all the way. The interior is elaborate with Victorian architecture and regal paraphernalia. Complete with the leafy Park Street ambience and exquisite colonial detail, this is the definition of elegant.
The restaurant is led by a pathway from a spacious lobby packed with vibrant chairs and trendy furniture.

The seating area in the restaurant is spacious and comfortable, and faces the in-house pool.

What we tried:


The drinks menu at Uga Residence also, known as the coffee menu, offers a diverse variety of coffees, teas, juices, and appetizers like muffins and croissants. The coffee menu runs all day whereas the breakfast menu runs from 7-11a.m.

Bailey’s lattes (Rs. 900)
Served in an aesthetic black mug, the latte looked like it was straight out of a lifestyle magazine. Complete with a heavenly smell to match with its divine appearance, this was the most tempting item of drink. It was creamy and strong, and the chocolate and espresso kicks in as you sip on it. It was certainly a very well balanced latte; a brilliant Baileys to everything else ratio.

Smoothies green (Rs. 500)
This is a healthy option available here. It proved to be a blend of the most amazing flavours – quite pungent, and also sour and sweet. We were told by the Chef that the combination of gotukola and green apple was the secret behind the unique flavour of this drink.


Porridge (Rs. 700)
This was a very unique dish with a creamy mix of milk, oats and nuts. A pear poached in ‘necto’ was added for garnish. Although quite sweet for my taste, it was a very filling breakfast.

The almond croissant (Rs. 500)
This was highly recommended by the Chef; and it did not fail to live up to our expectations. Firstly, it was very large, and it was the most beautiful brown colour. With a thick layer of almonds on the outside and gooey sugary layer within, this was the perfect combination of nutty and sweet.


Cinnamon and oatmeal pancakes – ‘pani’ apple compote (Rs. 600)
This was absolutely lovely. The pancakes were soft and fluffy, and the right amount of sweet. The maple syrup and the green apple garnish were perfect.

Mannar crab (Rs. 900)
Salted manner crab with avocado and poached egg – this dish was one of a kind. A fun fact about this dish the Chef told us was that they used at least 800 eggs to get the right shape and texture of the ideal poached egg. The flavours on this one were quite sharp. The avocado was prominent; if you are not a fan of avocado, this is not for you. Overall, it had plenty of taste and plenty of crab.

Sausages (Rs. 200)
We ordered an additional dish of sausages with our meal, as it came with a whooping recommendation from the hotel staff. The sausages are usually a part of the egg meal toast. Uga offers chicken and pork sausages, and they are custom made. They are specifically made to go with the mild flavours of the rest of the breakfast menu. The sausages were meaty, soft and had garlic undertones. They were pretty great.

– Great value for money: The prices on the entire menu are below Rs. 1,000 per dish; therefore, you are guaranteed to get a filling meal for a very reasonable price.

– Fantastic service: The staff was wonderful, extremely attentive and hospitable. They were well verse with the menu and were unafraid to make recommendations to the guests, and if you happen to listen to their recommendations, you’ll know that they are on point.

– Would we go again? Of course! This is the ideal place to go for an elegant breakfast without breaking your wallet.

Fun dining

The new rare breakfast menu is focused on delicious fresh locally sourced ingredients made with expert skill and creativity.

Each dish has been perfected over the last four months, with the love and talent of their new Head Chef Ganesh Raja. The menu features international breakfast favourites that highlight local spices and ingredients.

The vision of the new menu is to offer a relaxed dining experience.

“We wanted to make rare accessible for everyone, to offer an elegant breakfast experience for everyone for a reasonable price,” said General Manager Kaleel Muzammil.

“These dishes are made with a lot of care and love. There are a lot of techniques we go through to come up with a simple poached egg.

It is very important to us that we offer the best food for the price we are charging, so we are doing our best,” said Uga Residence Head Chef Ganesha Raj.

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By Pujanee Galappaththi

Photos Krishan Kariyawasam