Your guide to eating well this Christmas

Christmas is a culmination of many things; family, friends, shopping, gifts, decorations, and food make Christmas what it is. But as it draws near, we are filled with the stress of buying the rights gifts, organising Christmas get-togethers, and attending all the parties and carol services that we often forget to indulge ourselves with the goodness that comes with the season.

So this year, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you an (almost) complete guide to all your favourite Christmas goodies. But before we get into that, here’s a look at Sri Lanka’s favourite Christmas food that’s stood the test of time.

Christmas cake – A Christmas staple, the Sri Lankan Christmas cake is a blend of rich fruits, semolina, and, oftentimes, brandy. But just in case you don’t like alcohol, we’ve put together some non-alcoholic options. Many places also offer a choice of almond or marzipan icing to suit your preference

Breudher – This unique dish has become such a big part of Sri Lankan Christmas thanks to the Dutch Burghers. This is buttery bread filled with raisins and baked to perfection and only really eaten during Christmas.
Yule Log – This dessert is a French tradition. It is usually a soft sponge cake filled with chocolate and rolled to resemble a log, a festive Swiss roll if you will.

Mince Pies – There was once a time when the mincemeat was actually a combination of minced lamb/beef, beef suet, and dried fruits. However, the version we get today is just minced fruit, spices and spirits in the form of little tarts.

Christmas pudding – Much like Christmas cake, this is baked pudding made up of dry fruits and spices and is often boiled, steamed, or baked. This British introduction can be served hot or cold accompanied by vanilla or brandy butter.

Cravings By Sue

Cravings By Sue offers homemade goodies. Some of their items this season;
Rich cake (without marzipan) (per kg) – Rs. 3,300
Rich cake (with marzipan) (per kg) – Rs. 4,000
Rich cake pieces (without marzipan) (each 70-80 g) – Rs. 310
Rich cake pieces (with marzipan) (each 70-80 g) – Rs. 340
Christmas brownies (each – min order 8 pieces) – Rs. 400
Dutch Breudher – Rs. 2,000
Nutcrackers (nutty milk toffees) (each, min. order 10 pieces) – Rs. 180
Christmas themed cakes – Rs. 6,000 upwards
Love cake (per kg) – Rs. 3,300

Call 077 474 0211 to place orders
FB: Cravings By Sue


Heavenly tastes from their homely kitchen, created with care using premium ingredients. Some of their items on offer;
Rudolph cake – Rs. 3,200
Almond tarts (pack of six) – Rs. 1,200
Christmas themed cupcakes (pack of six) – Rs. 1,400
Christmas cake (iced) (500 g) – Rs. 2,200
Breudher – Rs. 1,200
White Christmas cake – Rs. 3,600
Chocolate Christmas cake – Rs. 3,600
Ganache cake – Rs. 2,500
Nutella Drip cake (1.5 kg) – Rs. 8,000
Yule Log (large) – Rs. 3,600
Brandy Blaze – Rs. 4,000
Christmas pudding – Rs. 1,600

Call 077 777 2052/077 777 2825 to place orders
FB: Ambrosia
IG: @ambrosia_lk
27 1/1 Gregory’s Road, Colombo 07

The Sugar Shack

Christmas cake (1 kg) – Rs. 2,000
Breudher – Rs. 1,000
Cookies – Rs. 150
Cupcakes – Rs. 150-200
Mini Cupcakes – Rs. 50

Call 077 771 1718 to place orders
FB: The Sugar Shack
IG: @thesugarshackcolombo
20, de Fonseka Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka

Tasty Caterers

Celebrating 37 years since they began operation, Tasty Caterers are offering brand new menus to choose from this festival season. Their Festive Finger Food Cocktail Menu, made up of an assortment of scrumptious finger food, crisps and dips, and special sweet goodies is perfect for light affairs and Christmas parties.
For more traditional dinners and parties they’re offering three different seasonal menus to choose from – Seasonal Indulgence, the Christmas Classic, and the Tasty Premium Festive Menu.
Each menu comes with a grand selection of meat, seafood, and even vegetarian entrees along with salads, savoury starches, and sides complete with a mouth-watering choice of decadent desserts.
Fans of their classic menus need not worry as they will be taking orders from their well-loved Sri Lankan Glory menu, Celebrations menu, International menu, Singaporean Fusion menu, Thai menu, Western menu, and Mongolian BBQ menu as well. Furthermore, Tasty are open to making changes to any of their menus to suit your needs this Christmas.
Call 011 258 0844/011 208 1041-2 to place orders


Christmas cake (with almond paste) (1 kg) – Rs. 4,400
Yule Log (large – 1450 g) – Rs. 4,800
Breudher (large – 800 g) – Rs. 2,400
Mince pies (regular) – Rs. 280
Mince pies (oval) – Rs. 260
Christmas pudding with cognac butter sauce (600 g) – Rs. 2,900
Marzipan Christmas figures – Rs. 460
Marzipan Santa Face – Rs. 200

Call 011 257 3321/011 257 4299 to place orders

Divine Cakes

Christmas gateau – Rs. 2,650
Ribbon cake with Christmas decoration – Rs. 1,350 upwards
Christmas pudding with brandy butter (510 g) – Rs. 1,750
Butter cookies – Rs. 290
Breudher – Rs. 1,200
Breudher – Rs. 600
Yule Log – Rs. 2,000
Christmas cake gift basket 12 pieces – Rs. 2,500
Christmas cake (includes brandy) – Rs. 1,800
Love cake (non-alcoholic) – Rs. 1,350

Call 077 777 9406/077 350 4340 to place orders
FB: Divine Cakes

Bakes by Bella

Hot Chocolate mix – Rs. 950
Brownie mix – Rs. 1,500
Cookie mix – Rs. 1,500
Buttermilk pancake mix – Rs. 800
Brandy butter – Rs. 750
Christmas cake (100 g) – Rs. 350
Virgin Eggnog – Rs. 500
Caramelized onion chutney – Rs. 500
Salted caramel – Rs. 500
Chilli jam – Rs. 700
Chicken liver pate – Rs. 650
Bakes by Bella will also be offering a range of other items such as thambili wine, stollen, and other cookies, brownies, and blondies.

Call 077 744 5449 to place orders
FB: Bakes by Bella
IG: @bakesbybella
8, Alfred House Ave, Colombo 03

The Cake Factory

Christmas cake (250 g) – Rs. 1,400
Christmas cake (500 g) – Rs. 2,300
Christmas cake (individual pieces) – Rs. 280
Yule Log (mini) – Rs. 1,400
Yule Log (regular) – Rs. 2,300

Call 077 738 2510 or visit to place orders online
25, Buthgamuwa Road, Rajagiriya


This Christmas, coffee house chain Barista is embracing the festive season with a range of new beverages that will be available at all Barista outlets and the signature Caramel Pumpkin café. The new Christmas menu includes the Ho Ho Ho-t Chocolate, the Jingle Latte, and the Christmas Frappe.
Barista is also serving up honey ham and bacon sandwiches, turkey club sandwich, turkey and cranberry sandwiches, and even cranberry and almond pudding to get you in the Christmas mood.
Perhaps their most interesting release, the “Kiri Kopi”, a twist on the Sri Lankan classic will be sold at Rs. 350.
This year, every purchase of the “Kiri Kopi” will ensure that Rs. 100 is allocated to a fund that will purchase gifts for coffee farmers and their families, and school supplies for children of these families for the season.

Call 071 999 9922

The Fab

Breudher (1 kg) – Rs. 950
Rich cake (with almond paste) (400 g) – Rs. 1,350
Christmas rich cake (individual pieces) – Rs. 170
Christmas love cake (individual pieces) – Rs. 150
Jaggery cake (400 g) – Rs. 1,250
Date cake (500 g) – Rs. 900
Fruit cake (1 kg) – Rs. 1,400
Love cake (800 g) – Rs. 1,650
Butter cake (1 kg) – Rs. 1,000
Presentation rich fruit cake (1 kg) – Rs. 1,900
Presentation Christmas gateau – Rs. 1,800
Ribbon cake (with Christmas/New Year deco) – Rs. 1,800
Christmas plum pudding with vanilla butter (serves 10) – Rs. 1,500
Ginger pudding with cream cheese frosting (serves eight) – Rs. 1,650
Pineapple and apple crumble (serves eight) – Rs. 1,550
Almond Christmas stollen – Rs. 1,580
German Christmas stollen – Rs. 1,580

Call 011 205 7777 to place orders

The English Cake Company

Christmas pudding (with brandy) (1,200 g) – Rs. 2,800
Christmas pudding (plain) (1,200 g) – Rs. 2,500
Sticky toffee pudding (serves six-eight) – Rs. 2,500
Christmas cake (with brandy) (1 kg) – Rs. 4,300
Christmas cake (plain) (1 kg) – Rs. 3,900
Yule Log (with chocolate, lemon, or passion icing) (large) – Rs. 3,400
Gluten-free Squidgy Chocolate Yule Log – Rs. 4,400
Traditional Breudher – Rs. 1,900
Breudher with blueberries – Rs. 2,800
Decorated Christmas gingerbread biscuits – Rs. 180-280
Christmas cookies – Rs. 220-280
Meringue Snowmen – Rs. 200
Croquembouche Christmas trees (large) – Rs. 6,600
Brownie boxes (10 pieces) – Rs. 2,900
Caramel shortbread boxes (10 pieces) – Rs. 2,900
Mix & Match Boxes (10 pieces – a choice of brownies, caramel shortbread, honey-almond squares, mint-chocolate squares or flapjacks) – Rs. 3,800

Call 011 250 1344 to place orders
2a Sulaiman Terrace, Jawatta Road, Colombo 05