Dining with Mr. Burger

By Anjalika Abeykoon

When we were on Galle Road passing Bambalapitiya, we noticed this burger joint which is always crowded during the evening.

So one day we decided to drop in to see what all the rush is about, which is how we came across Mr. Burger.

Mr. Burger is situated at Galle Road, amongst the many electronic shops in that route. Ikram Salam, the proud owner of this burger joint, started the business small because he wanted to do a different venture to what his father has been doing all these years. So, Ikram initiated Mr. Burger with the intention of focusing on one thing and specialising in it to be the market leader.

Ikram elaborated on the fact that food is one of the main requirements that humans are not hesitant to spend on. He also said that he decided to get into the fast food business with burgers because of the busy nature of the industry and because many customers just drop in to grab a quick one and go.

Mr. Burger, though recently expanded in size, is still a small space that serves lots of customers per day with a very limited staff. A specialty at Mr. Burger is the fact that the meat is prepared in their kitchen in a separate location and then used at the Mr. Burger Café premises in order to maintain the quality of the products.

The ambience is that of a typical fast food burger joint, where the customers have to make the order at the counter. However, the employees are willing to extend a hand to help you to pick from the menu.

Doing justice to the name “Mr. Burger”, they have an extensive range of burgers along with few shawarma, submarines, and beverages.

What we tried:

Chicken chilli cheese burger
We decided to try out one of the signature burgers at Mr. Burger, the chicken chilli cheese burger. From the outside it looked like an ordinary burger with a handmade patty. Then we started digging in and found the real surprise that makes it worthy enough to be a signature burger. The burger was oozing of hot melted cheese from the patty – a generous amount of cheese. The chicken patty being handmade at the Mr. Burger kitchen added more value and taste as the final round of the ground chicken is mixed with local as well as a few foreign spices.

Chicken kebab with fries
With hopes of testing out a side in the menu, we tried our luck with the chicken kebabs. It came as pieces of fried chicken rolled on a stick with a side of fries. The chicken was finely ground and mixed with the Lankan and foreign spices to create the perfect balance of flavours of the chicken. On top of that, the pieces of chicken were garnished with green chilli flakes, which made the kebab slightly yet mouth-wateringly spicy, satisfying the taste buds even more.

Beef quarter pounder
Ikram suggested that we go ahead with the most fast-moving burger at the outlet: beef quarter pounder. This burger comes with two beef patties and two slices of cheese. Adding to that are lettuce, tomatoes, and onions with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise drizzled generously on the patties. As the name suggests, the beef patties are made with slightly more than 250 g of finely ground beef mixed with a variety of spices. The price of the burger on the menu was unbelievable against its size; the quarter pounder is huge and filling as it’s also served with a side of fries, as same as any other burger available on the menu. It was quite delicious and rich because of the well-flavoured beef patties.


Iced milo
We ordered an iced milo off the menu to hose down all the delightful food items we tried. We got a tall glass of iced milo topped with a sprinkle of milo powder, which creates an amazing taste as it’s mixed before drinking. The drink was creamy and milky, served ice cold. It was definitely a very successful finishing touch to the excellent meal we just finished.
Cheers to a good meal!

Opening hours: 4 p.m.-2 a.m. everyday
Address: 227, Colombo Road, Colombo 05
Tel: 011 2 585 050

. Quality and quantity of food, service, and the atmosphere of the cafe justifies the prices
. A person can afford a hearty and filling meal at just Rs. 600 in hand
. They also do deliveries without a quantity limit for the order
. The management of Mr. Burger has done an amazing job so far! They have our heartiest wishes for an excellent journey in the fast food industry
Photos Pradeep Dambarage