Dilmah moves into holistic wellness this holiday season

The founder of Dilmah, Merrill J. Fernando together with his sons Dilshan Fernando and Malik Fernando launched the first traditional Sri Lankan first aid box and the Sinhala publication of the Hela Veda Ath Potha (handbook on traditional home remedies) by Dr. Palitha S.G. Arachchige at t-lounge by Dilmah at Arcade Independence Square Colombo 7, recently.

This is was a joyous occasion surrounded by friends, family and members of the media. Guests were given the opportunity of tasting the special t-lounge Christmas menu. The CEO of Dilmah spoke about this special moment in the history of traditional medicine, while presenting the first aid box and the book to a few distinguished guests present at the occasion including Manik De Silva, Kumudini Hettiarachchi and Shriyani Yasarathne.

He further added that the traditional Sri Lankan first aid box, produced by traditional medical practitioner Palitha S.G. Arachchige, is an original interpretation of the prestigious medicinal heritage of Sri Lanka. The box is conceptualised and supported by Dilmah Conservation and is a combination of the sacred practices, the natural goodness, and the indigenous wisdom aging centuries. This box provides simple remedies for everyday ailments.

This along with the accompanying publication, Hela Veda Ath Potha, aims to make this ancient wisdom readily available to the general public of the country. In order to reach a diverse spectrum of readers, the book is written in simple text and contains easy instructions on the preparation of each home remedy, their properties and scope discussed in detail.

The book will be shortly available in English and Tamil. The hope is that the publication and first aid boxes will be marketed as close to cost as possible to make them widely affordable.

On conveying a message by their father, the Dilmah founder, Dilshan read the introductory message of the book: “This initiative would be of immense significance in an era where the importance of health is felt and understood more strongly than before, especially for those who recognise the value of Sri Lankan traditional medicines, which were used by our predecessors as highly effective remedies.”

Commenting on the hand book, Shriyani Yasarathne said: “This, I believe is a wonderful time to release this kind of publication, because it is a time in which people are going back to nature. These remedies may take more time to give the desired outcome, however, they are far healthier and that is what we should be trying to achieve.”

Hela Veda Ath Potha (Handbook on Traditional Home Remedies) along with the traditional Sri Lankan first aid box is a continuation of the Dilmah Conservation’s commitment to revive Sri Lanka’s rich tradition and culture. Initiated in the year 2012 as a part of Dilmah Conservation’s Heritage Conservation programme, this is a project that looks to share the infinite benefits of the age-old remedies used and perfected by our predecessors while ensuring that this knowledge is made available to future generations.

By Pujanee Galappaththi

Photos: Krishan Kariyawasam