Bungee fitness in Colombo


If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, there are many ways to do so other than just doing your basic workouts at the gym. Of course, you can still head to the gym and workout with your personal trainer’s guidance or even that workout you pulled off Pinterest – whatever works for you. Some people like strength training, some like HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and some like good old cardio. It varies from person to person. But what if I told you there’s a new phenomenon you can try out in Colombo?

Fortunately, we have one location in Colombo that offers this! It is called Breakthrough Studio and they specialise in weight management, toning, and strengthening. Since this concept is quite different, I asked the Founder of the studio – Ashanthi Soris Mirchandani – a few questions for us newbies! Here’s what she had to say.

What does Breakthrough Studio do?

Breakthrough Studio is one of the country’s foremost fitness studios specialising in weight loss. Our workouts entail suspension training and kettlebell and fusion fitness classes centred on fat loss and toning. Apart from TRX (total resistance exercises), which we have used in our workouts since inception, Breakthrough Studio is pioneering Goflo, a form of bungee fitness, in Sri Lanka that is making waves overseas for its unique approach to suspension training.

What other types of bungee fitness packages do you offer?

The introduction of bungee fitness to our workouts combines the suspension training features of TRX with additional functionalities such as an assistive and resistive core trainer, resistance trainer, and power and plyometric trainer. At the moment, we have “Cardio-Go” on Mondays, which combines bungee fitness with cardio-intensive exercises. On Wednesdays, we have TRX Rip and Goflo fusion classes. On Thursdays, we have kettlebell and Goflo fusion classes. On Friday, each class uses all the equipment at the studio including the TRX trainer, Goflo trainer, battle ropes, plyo box, and kettlebells.

What are the benefits of bungee fitness?

Bungee fitness combines the benefit of a durable suspension trainer, resistance bungee bands, dual harnesses, and two grip handles to give you a suspension trainer that works as an assistive and resistive core trainer, seated trainer, prone trainer, speed resistance trainer, and power and plyometric trainer. Why I love training with it is because it is a versatile, science-based workout that you can perform multiple exercises on, such as jump squats, jump push-ups, planks, and suspension exercises to work through; all while constantly having your core engaged. It has helped me improve my metabolism, posture, as well as my overall sense of health and wellbeing, from my cardiovascular and muscular. Bungee fitness really is for everyone. It’s different and fun and is for men and women of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. Bungee fitness gives people the chance to try something new as an alternative to everyday training! It is low-impact motion-based training where you are suspended from a harness with your feet touching the ground. Bungee fitness offers a high-cardio workout which raises your metabolism and burns fat without putting stress on your joints. It allows people to perform workouts and resistance training one may not otherwise be able to do without assistance. This is a fantastic option for you if you get sore muscles very easily after a workout. People of any age can do this and it works for all body types. It is basically a “bio-predictable workout system” that is designed to accommodate your body the way it works! There are many benefits to indulging in bungee fitness. It is a high-cardio workout which gives you increased stamina, has a low body impact, builds strength and high endurance, tones muscles, causes extreme fat burn, improves flexibility and balance, develops the core, and is a motion-based training, to name a few. If you have not taken part in bungee fitness before, do not fret. Like I’ve mentioned already, it’s for everyone.

It is very accessible, even if you have suffered from some sort of workout injury in the past. This workout routine allows you to do the same things without excessive jolts, which could cause inflammation of old injuries. People who have knee or hip problems generally find this very beneficial. I know I would, with my tall-people-problem knees! This is also a great option if you want more cardio in your workout but do not want to get on a treadmill. It can be such a bore to just stay in one place, but bungee fitness is a little more fun and could be a lot more useful.

Users of Goflo observe an increased after-burn effect post bungee workout as well as an increase in EPOC, which is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. The bungee trainer’s elastic bands allow you to use variable changes in axis to train the body. This not only improves muscle balance but also reduces stress on the trunk and reduces the risk of injury and impact on the body. It also makes for an extremely fun and unique workout, unlike anything I have ever experienced before.


What would you recommend for beginners?

At Breakthrough Studio, we teach our clients the basics of both TRX and bungee fitness; from how to warm up correctly to how they can get the most out of every 50-minute workout at the studio.