Appointment of new Principal for Royal College on hold

The court cases filed by the Royal College Union (RCU), the RCU Trust and the SDS of Royal College, were taken up in the Court of Appeal this morning (18).

The Attorney General appearing on behalf of the Secretary, Ministry of Education contended that no notice or papers had been served on the respondents.

Sanjeeva Jayawardena PC submitted on behalf of the RCU that it was not necessary to serve papers on the respondents as the petitioners were seeking an order of notice from the Court of Appeal in the first instance and expressed that the petitioners were apprehensive that a new Principal would be appointed if the case is delayed beyond today but agreed to serve papers on the respondents provided that a formal assurance is given to court that no new appointment is made to the post of Principal Royal College until the cases are fully supported.

Mr.Rajaratnam PC appearing for the Secretary, Education accordingly furnished a formal undertaking that no appointment would be made until the cases are supported in court on 28th March. The court recorded this formal undertaking.