The price of beauty

If it is an important function, you want to look your best. Maybe you need your regular facial or it’s time to layer your hair in a new way. Overgrown eyebrows? Read More »

Battling coastal erosion

Sea erosion, more commonly known as coastal erosion, is the process of the removal of sedimentary rocks at the coastline thereby leading to a loss of land and retreat of the coastline landward. Read More »

Taking steps to save lives

The first organisation founded in Sri Lanka with the objective of preventing suicide, Sumithrayo is not an organisation that wouldn’t take World Suicide Prevention Day without notice. Read More »

Eksath De Alwis live in concert

The night of 10 September marked a memorable time to most who found themselves at Lionel Wendt Theatre to witness the swift change from when Eksath wasn’t a known name to it now being echoed Read More »
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