Women and the law

Over the last few weeks, among other discussions, we saw women’s rights being used as common rhetoric to justify often racist or nationalist narratives. This is not new – women’s bodies, our rights, Read More »

Elections and fear-mongering

It’s election year in Sri Lanka; in the next 12 to 15 months, the country will see a presidential election, a parliamentary election, and somewhere during this period, provincial council (PC) election Read More »

It’s complicated!

There is no universally accepted definition of radicalisation. A widely used one, by the European Union (EU), describes it as “the process by which a person comes to adopt extreme political, social... Read More »

Death penalty to be included

The inclusion of the death penalty would be one of the new amendments that would be included in the proposed Counter Terrorism Bill (CTB) once it is presented to Parliament, The Sunday Morning learnt. Read More »
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