Call a spade a spade

The news everywhere is bad; I know. Sri Lanka is burning again. Is Hanuman back here?
Sometimes, I don’t know if I am living in the times of Ramayana or not – too much intrigue, too much angst Read More »

Global warming hits Sri Lanka

Global warming is a trending topic of conversation among younger generations, especially in efforts to save their future which has been compromised in the name of industrialisation. Read More »

Uniting to douse flames of hatred

Walking into the centre of Minuwangoda town on Tuesday (14) was akin to walking into a war zone with destruction abound; the roads and pavements were littered with pieces of glass and other debris. Read More »

Still 200 MW short

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has warned that power cuts will be inevitable if the shortfall of 200 MW of power to the national grid is not met. Read More »

Fanning the flames

The role of the media and the question of ethical journalism/reporting have now become topics of much discussion among many following the reporting on the Easter Sunday attacks and its aftermath. Read More »

Cultivating co-existence

Our national anthem constantly reminds us that we are children of Mother Lanka and must unite as one and cultivate love towards each other, leaving all disputes aside. Read More »
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