Building friendships that last

We all know by now that humans are social beings. We thrive and survive due to the social connections we have. Our families, relatives, neighbours, and colleagues play a major role in our social lives Read More »

Sunny Days : Dress edition

Hey guys, happy Sunday! As you know, the hot days and the heat are BACK ! And even though there is still no vaccine for Covid-19, the lockdown has been slightly eased, allowing you to move around and Read More »

Cultivating empathy

With everything going on in the country and the world over, we have all been operating on edge lately; you may notice how often in conversations our minds are quick to draw comparisons. For instance, Read More »

Get to know Aishi Ragawan

We are practically halfway through the year. It is unbelievable. Today, we are featuring a stunning and super sweet gal – Aishi (Aishwini) Ragawan (@aishi_ragawan). She studied at Bishop’s College and Read More »
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