Chrysanthemums, lace and everything nice

amanté launches AW’18 collection

Inspired by the dreamy satin textures and ethereal hues of moonlight, the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection from Sri Lanka’s leading designer lingerie brand amanté was launched at a grand event on 3 September at the Barefoot Garden Cafe. What was interesting about this season’s event was that it featured both the Ultimo and Amante’s AW’18 collection.

Speaking to Gayani Gunawardena, Deputy General Manager, Marketing at MAS Brands, we found out that their exclusive AW’18 collection wished to essentially embody the trending fashion showcased in fashion capitals around the world. She added, “We hope to always continue to bring trending international fashion to Sri Lanka.”

This year’s collection derived its inspiration, as the name suggests, from the starry tales and featured exquisite pieces that embodied deep blues and purples, iridescent fabrics along with floral pieces that highlighted chrysanthemums and a blooming flower at night.

The collection centres itself celestially with the moon, and a garden that comes alive under its light. The key print is chrysanthemum – the runway flower of the season – with other key trends such as three-toned lace, leaf motifs and luminescent moonlit effects incorporated into the collection.

Gayani noted, “This time, it’s all about the moon, the night sky and the twilight, and it’s the deep colours and the laces that are currently trending.”

The collection also featured their exclusive range of bralettes. Niranjan Wijesekara, CEO of MAS Brands told us, “Last year, we did a trial with some of our styles, but this is the first time we launched our full collection.” He further pointed out that through this initiative, they wish to bridge the gap between innerwear and outerwear.

Ultimo facilitates the needs of full-figured ladies. The line showcased that evening, featured pieces from their Core, Basics and Fashion collections. These pieces showcased very simple yet chic colours like blacks, whites, nudes along with a chic bright pink. Niranjan noted, “Through Ultimo, we wish to cater to the very specific needs of ladies, and this is the only dedicated brand for this segment.”

The vibrant crowd, the radiant music, and the food added to the exotic and welcoming ambience that was dispersed throughout the evening. An attendee told us, “The collection was truly amazing and inspiring; amanté has done a great job in bringing together and showcasing styles that are needed by all ladies in general.”


By Chenelle Fernando
Pics by Indika Handuwela