Cinnamon TBC Asia 2018 to host international bloggers with a worldwide followership

The third edition of the bi-annual event, Cinnamon TBC Asia 2018, will host an impressive group of 60 international bloggers that has garnered a worldwide followership. The emphasis is on the ability to speak one-on-one with these international bloggers, a unique opportunity made possible to all participants at the conference to be held at Cinnamon Grand Colombo on 30 October.

While the conference will be conducted under the theme ‘Agents of Change – Creating Transformational Digital Content for Travel’ with eight world-renowned speakers addressing the theme under varied topics, the event will recognise and highlight the international populace garnered by the collective of highly influential international bloggers attending Cinnamon TBC Asia this October.

Cinnamon TBC Asia 2018 Awards ceremony will celebrate these influential and trailblazing bloggers in an array of fields and scopes. Comprising ten key categories including Adventure, Culture, Photography and Food, the awards programme will recognise online bloggers and influencers whose works have had transformational impact on various facets of the global travel industry.

The 60 travel influencers and digital marketing experts participating in the forum come with some amazing numbers in terms of followership, readership, viewership and likes. Having mastered the intricate art of creating unique and influential travel content for varied digital platforms, the bloggers have attracted an international audience of enthused travellers and travel industry representatives from UK, Australia, Philippines, India, USA, China, Poland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, UAE, Singapore, Canada, France and world over.

Combined numbers of all the international bloggers participating Cinnamon TBC Asia 2018 roughly rounds to the following impressive statistics.

YouTube – 260, 853, 000 views

Blogger – 47, 175, 000 readers

Facebook – 2,374,000 followers

Twitter – 1,570, 000 followers

Instagram – 3,110,000 followers

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