CJS and Dr. Asha de Vos along with Oceanswell unveil their ‘Love for the Blue Whale’

Two highly respected brands came together at the Colombo Jewellery Stores retail outlet, located at Colombo City Centre to unveil a piece of exquisite craftsmanship amidst a special gathering of media, invitees, and fans of both brands. 

Colombo Jewellery Stores, Sri Lanka’s premier luxury jewellery brand and retailer for a range of international luxury watches, together with award-winning marine biologist, ocean educator and pioneer researcher of blue whales in the Indian Ocean; Dr Asha de Vos along with her organisation Oceanswell, Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education non-profit, came together to unveil a special piece of jewellery to celebrate their collective love and passion for the blue whales living around Sri Lankan shores. The launch also served as an occasion to commemorate the ongoing partnership between CJS and Oceanswell, aimed at supporting and growing Sri Lanka’s marine conservations efforts.

The center of attraction was the intricately designed Blue Whale Pendant. Crafted in silver with a blue sapphire eye, it is truly a work of art that goes beyond style and glamour by symbolizing a commitment and a promise to be a part of the growing initiative that strives to ensure the protection of our oceans. 

Speaking at the event, Dr. Asha de Vos stated” “It is really great to see a luxury brand such as CJS make this genuine gesture towards supporting our (Oceanswell’s) efforts related to marine conservation. With all that is going on in our planet, support like this is the urgent need of the hour, and I am proud and thrilled to see CJS stepping up to become a much valued, and admired catalyst of change”.

CEO of CJS, Akram Cassim spoke on similar lines and stated: “It is heartening to see Asha and Oceanswell overcome all kinds of challenges to make a positive impact towards the wellbeing of our beautiful Sri Lankan seas and coastline, which sustain so much of life within, without, and beyond. As citizens and brands, we all share the responsibility of bringing about change in making these oceanic habitats suitable for marine life to thrive, thereby leaving a legacy of true value to the generations of the future.”