Complaint lodged to HRCSL on unsafe quarantine process

Representatives of several organizations that work with Free Trade Zone workers have lodged a complaint against Lt. General Shavendra Silva to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka regarding unsafe and brutal treatment of factory workers while taking them for the quarantine process.

Namely Chamila Thushari  of the Dabindu Collaective Katunayake, Ashila Dandeniya of Standup Movement Lanka, Chandra Devanarayana of the Revolutionary Existence for Human Development and Sr. Noel Christine fernando of the Sramabimani Kendraya noted that 98 workers of an apparel factory in Katunayake taken for quarantine process have been treated brutally and inhumanely, with several of them complaining that they haven’t had enough time to collect hteir belongings, and that they weren’t offered any or inedible food.

The HRCSL has been requested to look into this matter in order to prevent the pandemic situation from violating human rights of apparel factory workers.