COPE meetings to recommence

By Skandha Gunasekara

The Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) would meet next on 3 November and continue its schedule as before.

COPE Chairman Dr. Charitha Herath told The Sunday Morning that the Committee would meet once again at the very next session of Parliament.

“The Parliament is next set to meet on 3 November and we too will have our next committee meeting on that same day.”

He said the Committee would be calling on the individuals as scheduled prior to its sessions being postponed.

“We will first take up the matter of the Central Expressway and go on for the rest of the week.”

He said the Committee had to postpone its sessions due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19.

“We were to have our sessions as planned, but the outbreak is still being brought under control and some of those we were to summon before the Committee could have come from high-risk areas. So the Parliament Secretary General and the Speaker asked us to hold off on having our meetings till things were brought to a manageable level.”

He further said that the Committee had then decided that Covid-19 could be prevalent for a significant period of time and thus the Committee’s functions should continue as planned.