Court of Apeal accepts Gota’s Avant-Garde petition

The Court of Appeal has accepted a petition filed by former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa in Avant-Garde floating armoury case.
The order was delivered by Appeals Court Judges Achala Wengappuli and Arjuna Obeysekara today (12) , setting aside the orders issued by the Colombo Magistrate’s Court rejecting preliminary objections over charges levelled against Rajapaksa.

The Bribery Commission had filed the case against Rajapaksa alleging that the Government incurred a loss of Rs 11.4 billion as a result of Rajapaksa’s approval on the maintenance of the Avant-Garde Maritime Services floating armoury.

The Colombo Magistrate’s Court had rejected the preliminary objections raised by the former Defence Secretary challenging the allegations levelled against him by the Bribery Commission.

He then lodged a revision application stating that the rejection of his preliminary objections was unlawful, which was allowed by the Appeals Court to proceed today.