Covid-19 Deaths : Govt. urged to look at burying Muslims

Minister of Justice Ali Sabry has made a request to the relevant authorities to look into the possibility of burying the bodies of Muslims who succumbed to Covid-19.

Ali Sabry

He pointed out that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has allowed the burial of victims of the novel coronavirus.
“This is a hard time for all the people in this country. Ninety-nine out of 100 calls I get are requests to make an opportunity for Muslim Covid-19 victims to be buried instead of being cremated.”
He added: “We are branded as extremists even when a fair issue of Muslim people is presented in a fair manner. There is no extremism here. One-hundred-and-eighty-nine countries in the world have allowed both cremation and burial (for Covid-19 victims). The WHO has allowed burial.
“At first, we had a small fear because we didn’t know about this virus. However, we now have knowledge of the matter to some extent.”
Therefore, they have made a request to look into the matter scientifically while taking every measure to make sure that the virus will not spread to society, Sabry further said.
“By this, we do not mean to challenge the quarantine law of this country,” he added.